Senior Account Manager, IgniteTech (Remote) - $100,000/year USD

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IgniteTech is where software goes to live, and we are looking for innovative, visionary leaders to engage with executives and earn their buy-in. We have created unique value for customers through our disruptive, Netflix-style “Unlimited” program. Our technology drives exponential ROI and success, and we are looking for you to communicate this to our impressive list of customers.

Do you have what it takes to strengthen your existing customer base, learn new industries, and promote a growing list of technology solutions? Unlike most account management roles, this is NOT a direct sales role. Instead, you will work across industries to align customers with a new and more powerful vision for their success. You will have the opportunity to influence business leaders across industries to redefine their path to success.

You will be a hero to your customers, saving them money and delivering 10x more value. You will enjoy more professional satisfaction with IgniteTech than with other account management jobs because of the strength of our vision. Ready to join?

What you will be doing

  • Holding video-based customer meetings with key contacts and their leaders, where you get customers excited about our vision
  • Leveraging supporting artifacts and playbooks, coaching sessions, brainstorming and alignment internal calls with the broad Commercial Team to help achieve goals
  • Keeping up with customers' industries directions and business objectives
  • Creating or updating Action Plans containing next steps for your customer base

What you will NOT be doing

  • Renewing contracts or holding sales calls where quotas, not value, lead the conversation
  • Coming up with customized recommendations instead of curated, pre-defined strategic options

Key Responsibilities

  • Foster strategic customer relationships and build confidence with the customers as a trusted partner
  • Get customers excited about IgniteTech’s company vision and motivate them to act on your recommendations to increase their overall success
  • Understand customers' pain points and leverage other IgniteTech teams' help in the mitigation process

Candidate Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a field related to business or computer science
  • 3+ years in enterprise software account management or client partnership roles across multiple industries and/or solutions
  • Experience managing 10+ accounts at the same time and skilled in keeping up with a large portfolio 
  • Ability to work for more than 70% of the workday (9 am-5pm) in Eastern Standard Time
  • Excellent level of English, both spoken and written

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