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DevGraph is revolutionizing the field of development. Our product suite is obsessively focused on fixing a fragmented, broken, complex process so that developers can stop worrying about the "how" and focus on the "what" -- developing features.

To support the CEO in evangelizing DevGraph's ambitious vision, we are looking for an engaging, compelling communicator who can use a variety of channels and media types to excite and educate the development community. In this role, you will be the face of DevGraph, like Guy Kawasaki for Apple, Kelsey Hightower for Google, or Jeff Barr for Amazon.

If you have a solid technical background and love the idea of being front and center, changing the business world and making it better through cutting-edge tools, read on.

What you will be doing

The development community has a low tolerance for BS, so you need to be a genuine expert who can build credibility. No "marketing speak" allowed. You will spend 80% of your time on mass-market communication -- blog posts, podcasts, conferences, talks, and videos to drive the widest possible reach. You'll know you're successful when your content excites the market, uses multimedia and multichannel approaches, demonstrates thought leadership, and is unquestionably credible and thorough.

The remaining 20% of your time will be spent on 1:1 account management, engaging with important customers to gain deep insights into product usage and drive word-of-mouth buzz.

What you will NOT be doing

  • You will NOT be developing the company or product vision, or managing DevGraph's business; that's the CEO's job!
  • You will NOT be creating communication that is boring or feels crafted for marketing purposes

Key Responsibilities

  • Developing a winning multimedia, multichannel communication strategy; you must understand when and how to use social, digital and mainstream media to keep DevGraph's vision top-of-mind among influencers in the development community
  • Creating amazing content; you will live-stream, blog, Tweet, create podcasts, attend conferences, do interviews and be the face of DevGraph
  • Becoming a DevGraph expert, to win over audiences with your knowledge and technical fluency
  • Meeting directly with top account executives to align internal customer-facing staff to the same vision and messaging

Candidate Requirements

  • A computer science (or similar) degree, or 10 years of relevant experience; although this is not a technical role, a technical background is necessary to succeed
  • Ability to understand the DevGraph business at an intuitive level so that you can see the path to product/market fit, how to get there, and how to sell it
  • Mastery of digital communication strategies, i.e., the ability to draw attention across social and traditional media channels
  • Charisma on camera
  • Outstanding persuasive writing skills
  • Advanced fluency in Spoken English

Nice to have

  • Experience as a Chief Product Officer or software startup founder driving a powerful message to the market
  • Success as the public face of something, interacting with the external world
  • Marketing or customer acquisition management experience in a B2B software business
  • A history of delivering measurable results (e.g., as a software developer, management consultant or investment banking associate)
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