VP of Revenue Operations, Aurea Software (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

Job ID: 4567


At Aurea you will develop strategic leadership skills 10X faster than any similar role because of the scope of strategic design and decision-making expected in the role. Collaborating with executive leadership on the system decisions that support top-line business objectives for a successful global portfolio software company will give you deeper and more credible strategic business insights than any startup or fast-growing single-product SaaS company could.

You will experience an unprecedented pace of new product activation (1 product per quarter and ramping) giving you numerous "at-bats" to stress test the scalability and quality of the system you've built.

The strategic scope of the role will allow you to spend less time on bureaucracy and re-work and more time on building and refining world-class revenue operations.

Do you intuitively understand the business needs of sales and marketing departments and enjoy delivering a world-class experience to them?  Are you opinionated about strategic process and technology decisions that relate to revenue generation because you have the experience to back up your opinions?  If you enjoy diving into the minute details of sales and marketing operations to find and resolve issues plaguing the system and  take pride in the simplicity and quality of elegant system designs, then this role could be a great fit for you.

What you will be doing

In this role, you will be responsible for articulating and delivering a top-down operational vision that supports world class demand generation and sales in the B2B software context.

In order to deliver that vision, you will manage a system of capabilities that is aligned to your top-down vision. Capabilities are made up of both technologies and processes. That system of capabilities is the primary outcome you deliver to the business. Candidates with a technical and/or product management background and experience with Salesforce will be prioritized.

What you will NOT be doing

Most revenue operations functions ultimately act as order-takers from executive leadership in Marketing and Sales. That is NOT the case in this role. You will have the strategic voice and decision-making influence to design, build and control the world-class system that supports the business goals.


Key Responsibilities

  • Capability Improvement:  Align current capabilities to your top-down vision. We provide a structured template to guide you to the most important problem in the current system design and propose an improvement that prevents it from recurring.
  • New Capability Design/Development/Implementation:  Fulfill your top-down operational vision by adding new capabilities to the system. We provide a structured template that enables you to analyze and recommend the best possible new capability additions.
  • Team Leadership:  Manage a team of 5+ operations managers and analysts to deliver against your objectives.  The talent at your disposal will be better than you've ever experienced. You will have evergreen global hiring pipelines that allow you to continuously source the top 1% of revenue operations analysts and managers.

Candidate Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or a major that demonstrates the ability to understand technology (Engineering, Hard Sciences, Math, Economics) and/or Masters degree in technology or MBA
  • Technical experience in product management or related technical role demonstrating familiarity with and ability to demonstrate thought leadership in building out/enhancing the technology stack supporting Sales and Marketing functions

Nice to have

  • Experience with Salesforce, preferably with Salesforce Admin experience/designation
  • Experience in supporting and or contributing in Sales and Marketing functions
  • Ability to code in APEX
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