VP of Revenue Operations

Job ID: 4567


Do you thrive on the challenge of designing elegant and scaleable systems to make sales and marketing teams more effective and efficient? Are you frustrated by how often the revenue operations function is relegated to play a purely tactical and reactive role? Unlike traditional revenue operations roles, this role is strategic and vision-oriented. Rather than reacting to a litany of requests from sales and marketing executives, you will be proactively driving your top-down vision for what a world-class B2B sales and marketing system should look like. Equipped with a team of top global talent, you will work directly with sales and marketing leadership to continuously build, improve and automate your revenue operations engine.

What you will be doing

  • Defining a top-down vision for the tech stack, automation, and processes that support Aurea's revenue generation goals
  • Defining and managing the discrete capabilities that turn your vision into a reality

What you will NOT be doing

  • Running the day-to-day maintenance of the system
  • Responding to a continuous stream of one-off requests from the sales and marketing teams
  • Receiving a top-down vision of what operations should do from another team or leader

Key Responsibilities

  • Continuously identify opportunities to improve the capabilities your function supports in order to better deliver the vision you've defined
  • Identify opportunities to add new capabilities to your function in order to better deliver the vision you've defined
  • Use your personal domain knowledge to tackle the hardest and most strategic questions that arise within your system
  • Hire, manage and coach a team of directors and analysts who will perform the majority of the hands-on work within your system
  • Liaison with key stakeholders in Sales and Demand Generation to gather feedback, report progress and align on priorities

Candidate Requirements

  • An undergraduate university degree in computer science or a major that demonstrates the ability to understand technology (Engineering, Hard Sciences, Math, Economics)
  • At least 2 years of experience workings as a VP or Director of Revenue Operations, Sales Operations or Marketing Operations for a B2B software company that sold multiple product lines
  • At least 1 year as a Salesforce Admin, whether in a sales operations role or marketing operations role

Nice to have

  • 1-2 years working as an individual contributor in sales or marketing
  • Certified SalesForce Administrator
  • Ability to code in APEX
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