Field Account Executive L2, Aurea Software (Remote) - $400,000/year USD

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We’re turning SaaS sales on its head. No more “freemium” products or trials designed to lure the customer into paying for the next tier of service. Instead, for a single subscription fee, Aurea customers get access to our entire portfolio of products. What does that mean for sales? 

Simple. You get to focus on understanding existing customers’ business needs and matching them to products they already have access to. As you build relationships with customers, you will propel them toward innovation. Your goal is to turn customers into advocates by communicating a shared vision.

At Aurea, we are combining the art and science of sales. We developed a winning playbook that allows you to be successful. Our proven account management processes allow you to focus on building relationships, not figuring out the next step.

We’re so confident that our method works that we’re taking all the risk! Your salary is guaranteed and not dependent on quotas or commissions. If you follow the playbook and have outstanding relational skills, you can successfully retain and grow your accounts.

Learn more, grow faster, and have fun doing it at Aurea.

What you will be doing

This role is all about long term customer relationships and delivering value over a period of years, versus the industry norm of just closing deals and moving on.

You will be working directly with senior customer Executives, to align on our shared vision that will deliver corporate level customer value and increasing our customer Executive network on those terms using Aurea's rapidly growing Unlimited library, acquisitions and innovation - to underpin your Shared-vision and differentiated Exec messaging. You will be leading a strong customer focused commercial team (with proven supporting processes and plays) to deliver customer success and value.

What you will NOT be doing

You will not be giving the same product pitch demo over an over. 

Key Responsibilities

Conduct three types of Executive Meetings

  • Access: Meetings to gain executive access to further the relationship 
  • Pitch: Education of Aurea's solution visions 
  • Link: Connecting initiaves of the Customer to Aurea's solution visions

Candidate Requirements

  • Software Executive Leader, with sales team quota over $30M in current role
  • 5-years software sales leader expertise, with demonstrable track record of quota over-achievement
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