Technical Account Manager, Aurea Software (Remote) - $60,000/year USD

Job ID: 4634


Do you like to bring context to the problems and see it through to completion? Do you like to interact with clients to get them past their frustration and while listening for understanding of the real issues? Do you like leveraging your technical background to connect both the customer and the 3rd party support team to understanding of the root cause?

This is an exciting position that allows you to put your technical background to work expediting the resolution of customer problems without having to delve into the coding yourself! You will be the customer's primary point of contact when issues arise and it will be your responsibility to drill down on the issue and communicate progress throughout the fix process.

What you will be doing

You will be providing a technical support concierge service that facilitates the effective resolution of technical issues. You will be an ear to your customers and will help prioritize and communicate their technical issues to people that will solve them. 

What you will NOT be doing

This is not a role focused on creating use-cases or adding products to the customers pipeline. In this role you focus on listening to your customers to ascertain the most effective and efficient solution route within the company process.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating and disseminating status reporting on customers’ tickets
  • Working with customers to prioritize their top tickets in rank order
  • For those top tickets, providing a higher level of insight for customers into Central activity to resolve them. Additionally, providing a greater degree of contextual insight to Central on the issues. As required, escalation as needed
  • Providing escalation communications for customers on existing or new top tickets (e.g., showstoppers)

Candidate Requirements

  • Excellent Listening Skills leading to a complete assessment of the problem for effective resolution within ESW processes
  • Technical background leading to great understanding of the potential issues
  • AWS Certification
  • Excellent Customer retention
  • Cloud development knowledge (e.g., AWS, Aurora databases, Docker, Kubernetes, storage)
  • Technical experience in one of our Aurea platforms such as Jive, Lyris or Xant, or ability to learn new products
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