CEO-in-Training, Stealth Educational Startup (Remote) - $400,000/year USD

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GT School believes gifted and talented students have massive potential that is suppressed because they’re not challenged in school. The lack of challenge leads to boredom and disengagement. We’re here to change that. GT School:

  • Unlocks the potential of each student by providing personal coaching to help them set, achieve, and be inspired by aggressive goals.
  • Teaches GTKids to own their achievement and learn to learn.
  • Develops strong habits because GTKids’ learning is exciting and challenging, pushing them toward mastery-based learning, not simple repetition or regurgitation.
  • Builds community by allowing students to connect in small, online forums centered around shared interests and hobbies.

All of this allows GTKids to learn at 5x their previous rate. Best of all, the positive impacts on their mental health, self-confidence, and life habits are immeasurable!

GT School is an early-stage startup looking for an executive leader who is ready to take the product to market and handle customer-facing growth. Your goal will be to learn from the experienced founding team to bring this exciting vision to life and put yourself in a position to take over as CEO within the next two years.

You must love education innovation and be frustrated by the lack of application of research (Bloom’s Two Sigma, spaced repetition, etc.) and software advancements in the US education system. You were either a gifted and talented kid yourself, or you’re raising that kid now, and you’re frustrated by how the education system doesn’t work for them.

If you’re a “doer” who has a fire to get things done, apply your skills to a startup that is changing kids’ lives.

What you will be doing

  • Creating action plans to solve existing and emergent problems in growth marketing, customer management, and staffing
  • Growing the business through partnerships, sales, and public relations
  • Continually building your skill set to eventually take over as CEO of GT School

What you will NOT be doing

  • Creating timelines and project plans but failing to execute them
  • Schmoozing funders, investors, or clients
  • Handling internal operations, scaling processes, or identifying automations - you’ll have a strong operational counterpart who’ll handle those aspects of growth

Key Responsibilities

  • Pushing the product’s launch to market and ensuring an excellent customer experience

Candidate Requirements

  • Less than 10 years of total work experience
  • Experience at one or more early-stage B2C startups in externally-focused domains: partnerships, PR, marketing, sales, or customer relations
  • A desire to own the growth of a startup and deliver a great product to market
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