Turkey | Finance Manager

Irem Ozkan

I have never seen “coaching” so prioritized and done so well.
Irem Ozkan, Finance Manager


Irem joined Crossover in September 2019, seeking a new challenge and enticed by working from home. She now leads a Collections team for Crossover’s client, Trilogy, and also helps the function achieve its vision of a highly automated system that has the books in a closeable state at any point in time. Learn more about what Irem likes about her job, what she thinks about her colleagues, and how the role has differed from her expectations.

Why did you apply to Crossover?

When I first came across this job post, I thought this would be a challenging opportunity for me to have a global experience just working from my home.

In layman’s terms, what do you do?

First, I was managing a collections team, where we needed to collect outstanding invoices for different products. Now, I’m engaged with different finance projects, such as daily task automations for team members which makes managers spend time on more qualified tasks rather than allocating work units and system improvements, which VPs are responsible for developing. 

What’s an example of a project you found professionally fulfilling?

Daily task automation in Jira. Before this project, managers would assign tasks and do manual follow-up, which took 2-3 hours a day. Now, tasks are assigned to workers with a user-friendly Chrome plugin on a FIFO basis mostly (or any frequency defined by manager). This resolved cherry-picking behaviour and the daily rush for task allocation, and gave managers more control of their tasks and more time in their day.

What do you like most about what you do?

Crossover may seem “too hard” at first because we place so much emphasis on constant improvement and coaching, whereas similar roles in other organizations may focus on simple, daily task management activities. But here, managers are given every opportunity and a lot of tools to develop and coach their teams. The organization is built around development, automation and growing together as a team.

How have you grown professionally since you started?

Definitely a lot. Crossover helped me to have a better understanding of the global workspace and working efficiently. I have learned more at Crossover than I had in my entire career beforehand.

How has this job differed from your original expectations?

My original expectation was “this is a regular office job, just remotely,” which wasn’t true. Here, especially in Finance, automating daily financial operations is the priority. There is constant development, which also helped me to have a better understanding of efficiency. Besides automation, I have never seen “coaching” so prioritized and done so well. Here, managers need to coach their teams, which in both the short and long run helps teams to overcome quality failures and increase productivity. Managers are given every tool to provide better coaching and improve daily operations.

How would you describe your colleagues?

Truly top 1%. Everyone is basically doing a fantastic job and, again, not like at a usual office, no one says, “This is not how we were doing things here.” Everyone is open to new ideas.

What’s working virtually like?

It is more than “no more traffic,” it is freedom, and actually feels like being given the responsibility and trust to do what is necessary as a manager.

How has this job changed your life overall?

The definition of “work” totally changed for me, I honestly don’t want to get back to an office routine where every Finance employee was doing the same tasks every day using the same methods. 

Where do you see this opportunity leading? What’s next?

I would like to gain more experience in Crossover since the daily routine is never boring and gives me a chance to participate in different projects anytime. I have gained amazing experience here.