Principal Salesforce Administrator, Trilogy (Remote) - $100,000/year USD

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Are you under-utilized in your role, maintaining the status quo? Would your talents be better leveraged in a fast-paced organization that requires you to create solutions, solve complex and unstructured problems, and have a real impact on business operations? Do you know the Salesforce platform inside and out? If so - then you may be just the person we're looking for.

Come learn 10X faster at Trilogy. In this fully remote role, you will be managing, extending, and integrating multiple Orgs that support several business functions across multiple business units with 100+ enterprise software products. Our platforms use Salesforce with advanced business automation strategies and tools to drive Sales, CSM, and even Recruiting. 

You will be a part of our digital evolution strategy, building and supporting at scale our efforts in software-driven organization management and business process automation.

What you will be doing

You will collaborate with the Operations, Sales, Marketing, CSM, and Finance teams to manage and make sure our Salesforce-based systems and processes are working correctly. You will be relied upon to support us as a Salesforce administrative expert, integrate new technologies, architect systems, methods, and processes to help us be more efficient.

In this role you will:

  • While there will be other team members and other resources, this role provides you with a level of autonomy that other roles may not. We look to you to be an expert, optimize our current Sales tech stack, implement and suggest improvements.
  • Understand how to scale and make sure processes are repeatable. 
  • Focus on building world-class operational processes.
  • Suggest tooling and build integrations into other systems

What you will NOT be doing

  • Creating sales pitches or interacting with prospective customers
  • Creating advertising copy
  • Designing or developing websites
  • Creating the advertising or marketing strategy.

Key Responsibilities

In this role you will be working in a team with other Salesforce specialists and engineers, reporting to the VP of Technical Product Management responsible for our operating platform.

  • Administrate our Salesforce Platforms, configuration, and other system related issues.
  • Manage data quality, enrichment, and data migration projects.
  • Install and configure Salesforce packages like CPQ, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, etc.
  • Configure and expand the data model, flows, approval processes, validation rules.
  • Work with Apex as needed to extend the system and build integrations.
  • Help select and integrate appropriate tooling to meet functional requirements
  • Integrate with 3rd party sales, marketing, and finance systems.
  • QA and test our sales processes to make sure lead generation, routing and sales processes are working smoothly
  • Create reports and dashboards 
  • Export data and build advanced data analytics using tools like AWS QuickSight

Candidate Requirements

  • Extensive experience configuring, managing, and extending Salesforce with past full administrative responsibility for a significant Org supporting multiple sales teams.
  • Salesforce expertise equivalent to SFDC Advanced Salesforce Administrator plus SFDC Certified Technical Architect.
  • Working Apex knowledge equivalent of SFDC Platform Developer I certification.
  • Strong ability to work with data: understanding of data structures and data modeling, SOQL, SQL, data import/export/migration/enrichment, reporting, and visualization.
  • You are curious, learn quickly and are able to modify processes and technologies to make things work.
  • Efficient Problem Solver: You are an expert in leveraging solutions discovered by others and applying them to current problems.
  • You pride yourself on attention to detail and delivering quality solutions.
  • Upper-Intermediate (B2) proficiency in English.

Nice to have

  • Experience configuring Salesforce CPQ, HVS, Outreach, Chorus/Gong, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and other add-on toolchains for Sales, Marketing, CSM.
  • Experience with recurring billing platforms or ERPs and their integration with Salesforce.
  • Experience with BI tools like AWS QuickSight or Tableau.
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