Virginia, USA | VP of Customer Support, Trilogy

Benjiro Nelson

Benjiro Nelson is responsible for making sure that Trilogy’s Customer Support Managers are correctly identifying problems and providing great advice to agents so they can go and deliver outstanding customer experiences.
Benjiro Nelson, VP of Customer Support, Trilogy


What was your trajectory at Crossover?

When I was recruited by Crossover to work at Trilogy, I was a Level 2 support agent, and then I moved into being a manager, and now I’m moving into being a VP. At each level, the people that I now lead are doing the job that I used to do. So, I was a pretty good support agent, and then through coaching I could make a whole team of great support agents.

How do you identify the best managers?

A Customer Support Manager's performance is measured as an aggregate of their team. So, each manager will have 10 agents that report to them. If the quality and the performance of those 10 agents is improving and is great and they're doing their job, then we assume that the manager is also doing their job.

What’s your coaching style?

We value very short feedback loops. As soon as someone delivers work – whether it's an agent solving a ticket or a manager giving coaching – we want them to know right away if it was good or bad. If it's bad, we want them to stop doing whatever was bad about it and move in a new direction. If it was good, we want them to keep delivering the same experience.

What makes the perfect candidate for a customer support position at Trilogy?

Someone who is a support agent or was very recently, and loves doing not not just call center support but deep technical support. People who have a great thought process and a good approach to the work. The perfect person will also have the motivation to share their insights with other people and grow others to be as good as they are.