Business Value Lead, TelcoDR (Remote) - $400,000/year USD

Job ID: 4510


A lot of businesses don't actually care if the customer gets value. At OUR core, we believe that making our customers successful matters. In this role, you are helping our customers understand exactly how much value they will drive with us, and to see how how we will make them successful.

What you will be doing

  • Create or refine a business value model that quantifies the impact of a high-level insight
  • Meeting with customer staff to gather the information to populate the business value model
  • Populating and validating the business value models
  • Lead meetings with customer executives to educate / storytell the quantifiable business value we will be delivering

Candidate Requirements

Educator / Storyteller:

  • You are good at explaining things to other people
  • You can tell when the person you are talking to is lost
  • You know how to listen and respond appropriately

Business Expertise:

  • You can take a high-level business insight (improved speed, cost reduction, etc), and can create a model that captures the key input variables and provides a quantified impact to the insight

Telco Domain Expertise:

     You understand how the telco industry works. Some examples of "table stakes" knowledge:

  • What is an MVNO vs an MNO
  • What is ARPU and what are the levers to change it
  • What is TPS... what parts of a telco's suite of applications are touched by this
  • What is OSS vs BSS
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