SVP of Commercial Product Management

Job ID: 4515


This role reports to the TelcoDR EVP of Product and will drive the TelcoDR strategic product vision and roadmap and work with our Telco customers on their cloud transformation.

TelcoDR is building an end-to-end portfolio of Telco software solutions, with a vision to drive innovation and redevelop these solutions as Cloud Native fully leveraging new AWS technologies and services wherever possible.

These Cloud Native solutions will provide benefits to our customers such as lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) increased business agility and operational resilience and security.

The ideal candidate is a Telco Cloud expert with a minimum of 5 years of Telco software domain expertise in either OSS or BSS software coupled with at least 5 years of Cloud software development or migration experience, ideally on AWS.

The candidate's primary responsibilities will include building and communicating a killer 5 year Cloud Vision (both internally and externally), developing clear product roadmaps for each of TelcoDR solutions and for TelcoDR solutions as a suite, and working with Engineering and Operations team to ensure those plans materialize.

What you will be doing

This person does:

  • Convince customers that radical product change is coming and it is going to be great for them
  • Create product vision that excites customers
  • Understand that quarterly releases of minor features is not an acceptable roadmap
  • Understand that legacy customer commitments must be changed and broken
  • Replace broken commitments with a killer 5 year vision, so customers believe the changes are hugely positive.
  • Convince installed base (CIOs) that cloud future is what they need.
  • Be able to create integrated vision for all products, but only - once point products are great. And understand why the sequence is important.
  • Understand that there is 1 version of the product, not lots of versions with lots of customizations.
  • Understand that because we buy companies that have bad product management, they will have to drive a customer base of an existing product with multiple versions and lots of customizations to 1 version.

What you will NOT be doing

This person does not:

  • Believe their job is "talk to customers and get their wishlist. Then forward it to engineering with the word ASAP"
  • Believe their job is "talk to customers and get commitments prior owners made. Then forward it to engineering with the words - these are overdue. When will they be done?"
  • Believe their job is "talk to prospects and get their requirements for the deal. Then forward it to engineering with the word ASAP and HUGE REVENUE AT STAKE"
  • Believe their job is project plans and feature/bug commitment tracking
  • Make technical decisions

Candidate Requirements

  • 5+ years experience migrating software solution to AWS Public Cloud – prior implementations and a deep understanding of public Cloud.
  • At least five years working in the telecommunications industry senior products and technology roles in either OSS or BSS Telco software.
  • Experience in creating Product Vision and Roadmaps and executing on required software developments.
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