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Hemant Shinde

Variety of Business Domains
Hemant Shinde, Subsystem CTO

Hi. I’m Hemant Shinde and I joined Crossover in early 2018. Before taking this job I had been an AWS Solution Architect for more than 3 years, was CTO of a SAAS product and had developed products in the storage and availability domain.

One of my favorite things about the Subsystem CTO role is that it pushes the limits of my knowledge and expands the boundaries while working on every new product. As an AWS Architect, the thing that I like the most is that now I work and choose from many AWS services which I could only try in labs. At Crossover I not only see their viable use cases but we also have a tradition of breaking AWS services by pushing them to their limits.

The variety of business domains and breadth of technologies covered at Crossover is unparalleled. It’s an exciting, awe-inspiring and to be honest, sometimes even overwhelming. Some of the different products I have worked on include a next-generation video streaming service for Jive (an enterprise collaboration suite), business intelligence tools that consume internet-scale data to produce insights for executive management, and multiple products that use machine learning for NER and sentiment detection to change the way customer support is handled by businesses.

Every product brings with it a new set of challenges. The great thing about Crossover is that we are not restricted by any non-technical requirements- be it the cost, timeline or familiarity with technology. It empowers us to make great technical decisions which lead to greater satisfaction as we can design a product true to our vision.

If you feel that you are getting restricted to a narrow set of tools, don’t think that the current job is technically challenging enough, and if you would love to solve hard problems across industries without worrying much about non-technical issues, I would encourage you to apply for this role.