Chief Operating Officer

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The traditional school model doesn’t match 21st-century expectations for students or their future employers. At Alpha, we’ve cracked the code that enables kids to learn twice as fast, gain life skills through real-world projects, and love school so much that they can’t wait to return from breaks. Our next step in creating the new standard for how kids learn and grow is to create 100 more schools just like our Austin flagship. Put your elite COO skillset to good use and change the future of learning today. 

You will focus on Alpha’s facilities and supply chain and your first objective will be to package and replicate our Austin, Texas model, opening three new locations in the state in 2021. You will guarantee that each site upholds the Alpha Standard: an unwavering bar for excellence. Others will own teaching and learning at the schools, but you’ll be responsible for operations.

Don’t have a background in education or school management? That’s ok! People with finance and operations backgrounds from a variety of sectors have the core skills necessary for this role. If you understand the formula for cloning facilities and creating physical and operational structures, you’ve got the skills we need!

What you will be doing

You will have three primary responsibilities in this role:

  • BUILD AND OPEN THE DOORS. You will liaise with a real-estate services company to negotiate leases, replicate Alpha within each space, and find the essential vendors to open each new location on time and within budget.
  • DAILY OPERATIONS. Once Alpha’s new locations are up and running, you will manage and iterate. Your work will guarantee each school’s non-academic operations are seamless and smooth. There is no finish line in achieving operational excellence - continuous improvement is the heart of our culture. You will enhance processes across many domains: the building, furniture, utilities, IT, etc.
  • OVERSEE FINANCE. From tuition to vendor payments to budgets – you will manage every aspect of money at Alpha. You will insightfully build, report, and assess budgets while seeking out creative avenues for savings. You will understand what matters to Alpha and use your knowledge to make informed decisions about how we spend each dollar.

What you will NOT be doing

You will NOT be managing Alpha’s academic standards, such as curricula and learning apps, or determining how to motivate kids. Those are important, but they are someone else's job! 

Candidate Requirements

  • Willingness to live and work in Austin, TX
  • Ability to travel within Texas
  • 15+ years of experience in operations, preferably at an organization known for its operational excellence (think: In-n-Out, Patagonia, Nike)
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Proven track record of successfully opening retail franchises and establishing a playbook
  • Experience building new facilities, managing ongoing business, and staying within budget
  • A detail-oriented eye for perfection and the ability to build efficient and streamlined processes
  • Ability to work legally in the United States
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