Business Value Analyst, TelcoDR (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

Job ID: 4455


A lot of businesses don't actually care if the customer gets value. At OUR core, we believe that making our customers successful matters. In this role, you are helping our customers understand exactly how much value they will drive with us, and to see how how we will make them successful.

What you will be doing

  • Build the quantifiable business value case for the executives at a prospective customer
  • Present the key business insight, and walk through the measurable impact of that insight

What you will NOT be doing

  • Creating the vision
  • Creating the model

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with prospective customers to gather the information required to quantify the business value we will deliver
  • Populate and validate the business value models
  • Lead meetings with customer executives to educate / story-tell the quantifiable business value we will be delivering

Candidate Requirements

This person 

  • is outstanding at understanding how a specific business pain is addressed by the capabilities of a product
  • is a superb educator / storyteller, who can communicate quantified business value so cleanly and clearly that meeting attendees can repeat the message with very high fidelity.
  • can study a model (spreadsheet skills) that contains insights (improved speed, cost reduction, etc) and understand what this means for the P&L and Balance sheet of a company
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