Sales Operations Administrator

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Are you under-utilized in your role, maintaining the status quo? Would your talents be better leveraged in a fast-paced organization that requires you to create solutions, solve complex and unstructured problems, and have a real impact on our customer acquisition and upsell strategy? If so, and you have a deep understanding of Salesforce, Sales Operations, and the models and processes aligned then you may be just the person we're looking for.

What you will be doing

Our portfolio of products serves an array of different business needs and targets vastly different audiences, which means you will gain experience across a wide breadth of software products. You will collaborate with the Operations, Sales and Marketing teams to manage and make sure our Salesforce system and sales processes are working correctly. You will be relied upon to support us as a Sales Operations and Salesforce administrative expert, integrate new technologies, methods, processes to help us be more efficient. 

In this role you will: 

  • Make sure our processes are working as defined, go through testing and quality assurance to make sure data is clean, processes work and the correct flows and process builders are in place. 
  • Work autonomously and be a technical expert. While you will have team members and other resources, this role provides you with a level of autonomy that other roles may not. We look to you to be an expert, optimize our current Sales tech stack, implement and suggest improvements 
  • Understand how to scale and make sure processes are repeatable. You will be defining and refining a method for success across a wildly diverse and ever-growing portfolio of products. Your focus will be on world-class operational processes for each product

What you will NOT be doing

  • Creating sales pitches or interacting with prospective customers 
  • Creating advertising copy
  • Designing or developing websites
  • Creating the advertising or marketing strategy. 

Key Responsibilities

In this role you will be working with our Director of Sales & Marketing Operations to support the sales and marketing teams to: 

  • Administrate our Salesforce Platform, manage data quality, configuration defects, complete minor enhancements, and assess system related issues 
  • Configure lightning pages, Salesforce objects, workflows, approval processes, validation rules
  • Perform data import & export tasks through Gsheet/Excel into Salesforce 
  • QA and test our sales processes to make sure lead generation, routing and sales processes are working smoothly  
  • Help integrate and select appropriate systems to meet functional requirements 
  • Determine the systems and processes aligned to new integrations i.e. use out-of-the-box SFDC functionality as well as building custom solutions or implementing app exchange applications. 
  • Work with Apex class solutions to make sure processes are technically savvy and work as desired. 
  • Be able to create and understand Salesforce reports and dashboards to analyze the systems in place and Sales performance

Candidate Requirements

  1. SalesForce administrative expertise: You have exceptional knowledge with all things Salesforce, in-depth knowledge of process builders & flows. 
  2. Apex class dev experience: You have experience developing new capabilities using APEX 
  3. Sales/Revenue Operations experience: Previous experience working with Sales teams. 
  4. Quick learner: You are curious, learn quickly and are able to modify processes and technologies to make things work. 
  5. Efficient Problem Solver: You are an expert in leveraging solutions discovered by others and applying them to current problems. 
  6. Meticulous: Must consider all implications of activating/deactivating features 
  7. Good communicator: able to collaborate with non-technical team members to translate functional requests into actionable improvements

Nice to have

  • Experience with data enrichment and data cleanliness. 
  • Experience with lead routing i.e. Decisions on demand 
  • Experience integrating technologies and building processes related to external tools into SF such as Sales Navigator, Facebook/Linkedin lead gen 
  • Experience with other sales and marketing systems such as Pardot, High Velocity Sales, Gong, CallRail, Drift etc. 
  • Experience with BI tools such as Datorama or Tableau and building out reports and dashboards in Salesforce 
  • Ability to read and understand HTML and CSS code such that you can help identify incorrect code
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