SVP of Product, Avolin (Remote) - $400,000/year USD

Job ID: 4608


Do you want to define a product/commercial strategy and watch it be adopted by 50k customers across the world?  

Avolin provides mission-critical enterprise software that leverages the latest cloud technology and supercharges digital transformations. This is a key leadership position where your job is to think big about creating a long-term competitive advantage, not follow a current market leader or chase tactical roadmaps. This role prioritizes the long-term success of the company and encourages risk-taking. We want products and services based on long-term industry trends and technical decisions that position our products with a defensible competitive advantage.  

In this position, you will revolutionize our SMB software portfolio and roll out a new set of products and services to our existing global distribution network. This is a fully remote, work-from-anywhere position that reports directly to the CEO.

What you will be doing

  • Define product visions for new cloud-based IT solutions in the SMB space
  • Meet with customers to sell and communicate the product visions
  • Work with adjacent departments to execute your plan and strategy

What you will NOT be doing

  • Manage a product by prioritizing lists of features on legacy products
  • Get deeply involved with technical decision making or managing engineering programs

Key Responsibilities

  • Market research to identify future opportunities
  • Create commercial plans and strategies to capitalize on these opportunities
  • Enable the sales team with compelling value propositions for their customers

Candidate Requirements

  • Held the title of CPO, Head of Product, Director, VP, or SVP of Product Management in a B2B software company
  • 5+ years of experience leading product management and creating product strategies and roadmaps
  • 5+ years of experience with SAAS/Public Cloud solutions
  • Introduced completely new B2B software products to the market at least 2 times in your career
  • A university degree (BS, MS, or PhD) in engineering or a related technical field
  • Experience creating a sea-change in an established industry or product

Nice to have

  • MBA
  • Direct experience marketing software solutions to the SMB space
  • Experience working with a channel/indirect sales model
  • Experience with SMB software products
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